19 Apr 2017


Hard edges versus softness.
Clair obscur versus sfumato.

blush: Dior Rosy Glow - lipstick: (slightly) MAC Lustering

After all this time? Yes.

Although there is a silence on this blog for a couple years now, I like to look back now and then, and relive the memories. After all this time it feels kinda odd to talk in English again. Having a blog in a language that is different than your mother tongue does wonders for your language skills, but apparently you have to maintain it.

Now the reason that I'm typing here again is that I found a couple pictures from 2015, when the blogging years weren't that far behind. I think the pictures fit perfectly here on Two Wonder Girls and I really wanted to share them.

These first ones are simple shots, showing an outfit I still adore enormously.

Skirt: River Island - Top: New Look - Lipstick: MAC Matte Sin

22 Sept 2014

Hiking in style

So, so, so in love with this top. One of my favourite purchases this summer!

top Urban Outfitters - shorts Zara - cardigan New Look 
backpack from Crete (old) - earrings Tomshot

18 Sept 2014

A flip flop story

I used to be a die hard flip flop wearer during summer. While getting older I realized that it wasn't really appropriate for every occasion. Not for school, not for work, even in the city it felt a little too 'beachy'. You'll understand that I was looking forward to one of the occasions were flip flops are absolutely appropriate: holiday! They were glued to my feet in Lanzarote. Maybe a little too much. It wasn't a very smart decision to wear them here. We were on our way to a beach that was only attainable by a rough path. And that's how I come to the moral of the story: Just because you're able to wear something you really like, doesn't mean it's a smart decision. ;)

jumpsuit H&M - bag Dille & Kamille

Playa Blanca, Lanzarote
(on our way to the Papagaio beaches)