20 Mar 2011

I think I'm flying

I've spotted some awesome Jeremy Scott wings at le blog de betty and le monde de tokyobanhbao.
It made me curious ad I searched for more.
Normally I'm not an Addidas fan or sneaker type at all, but these ones made me greedy. Me want!

Even my mother liked these ones!

Addidas, expect me soon in your shop!

-edit: the shop I had in mind appears to be a Puma store. Damned.-


  1. I love the watch! And can myself rocking those wing shoes for a night out ;)


  2. Die schoenen zijn wel grappig. wat een aparte maar leuke en orginele spullen.
    Liefs, xxx

  3. betty rocks with anything=)) the swatch watch is amazing and the last jumper omg it makes me wanna go to the gym!! which is almost insane. hate gyms. :P

  4. adoree. wish i could fly with those wings!


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