7 Jul 2011

Mirror, mirror on the waist; with you on my side I wil never feel chased

Haha sorry for the lame rhyme ! :D

Here is the genious again with his newest invention:
Martin Margiela designed with his Maison a mirror belt !

I said he was a genious :)

Give your look directional detail with Maison Martin Margiela's light-reflecting mirrored belt. This dramatic piece is the perfect foil to fluid evening dresses - keep the rest of your accessories minimal to focus attention on this statement style.
€260 via net-a-porter.com

It reminds me a bit of the Marc Jacobs cuffs from le blog de betty, which are on my my wishlist for a long time!


  1. Die riem is echt geniaal. I love it <3
    Liefs, xxx

  2. I say he was absolutely genius too... what a stunning blue dress!

  3. Die riem is echt heel vet! :D

  4. that is such a sexy luxurious dress! something outof a hollywood movie haha

  5. both cuffs and belt are drop dead gorgeous!! but gotta prefer the BELT! stunning!


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