28 Dec 2013

Beauty inspirations

Normally I don't like to use the word 'inspiration' on the blog, since it's something personal. On fashion and lifestyle websites we are constantly confronted with the word, but to be honest I'm not always inspired by it. Beauty is one of those aspect in which you really can be inspired in my opinion. In a literal way I mean, you can try to copy it for yourself or so.

Here are some beauty looks that inspire me and that are also perfect for NYE! I'm especially in love with the two top looks. You might have noticed my love for dark red coloured lipstick from previous posts. :)

Ox blood coloured lipstick, combined with heavy brows, highliter and just a tad of mascara.

Unusual eyeliner underneath the eye (right) gives a quirky look.

All hail to shimmer! Above one of my favourite beauty looks ever from the Louis Vuitton catwalk. Underneath another quirky look with an unusual eyeliner underneath the eye. I love how it gives such a refreshing touch.

Those were my current beauty inspirations. I hope you enjoyed it and wish you all happy holidays!

sources pics: unknown, feel free to tell me if you know!


  1. I will be sporting a (slightly) darker lip on NYE! That way no one pays attention to the rest of my face ;)

  2. The darker lipstick shades you prefer do seem to be becoming much more popular lately. It's always a fun option having a variety of pretty shades handy to coordinate with outfits and nail lacquers. The partial liner is an interesting look and I love that lip colour. I prefer vegan and cruelty free makeup and am only just starting to learn about different brands. The makeups you and Ruby wear are very pretty.
    I hope you and Ruby have a gorgeous and Happy year 2014!


  3. The makeup in the two last pictures is stunning!


  4. Always love the Chloe looks!


  5. Die eerste look is echt prachtig! Wil echt eens een donkere lippenstift proberen en de laatste zien er zo mooi uit ook :) naturel met dat kleine beetje extra. Toffe beauty looks!


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