29 May 2010

Edward Munch

A few days ago we discussed Edward Munch with art history. The artist who painted The Scream.
The two we picked out were: Madonna and Fear

First Madonna:

Munch was afraid of death, and everything that has to deal with is. With this painting he wanted to tell that we're all dying since we're born. You can see that the foetus' head already looks like a scull.
I loved this work, also because we thought she looks like The Corps Bride in the movie of Tim burton. Don't you think?

This painting is named Fear:

Edward Munch was a little paranoia. So this is another painting of something he's afraid of. We're not going to tell you all about it. You can go to wikipedia for more information.
The first woman on the front, looks like the doll, we used for our stop motion. (We once had to make a stop motion movie for the course 3d art) 
Then check the man on the front, on the left side. We think he looks a bit like the barman in "The Corps Bride".
In short, we figured out that Tim Burtons figures looked like Munch figures. We think that Munch inspired Tim burton. Or maybe
we're just paranoia.

That was everything.
Love Ruby

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  1. Nice guess! ))) There is something in it) I maintain your thinking)


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