25 May 2010

Millais' Cinderella

I was so impressed when I saw this painting of Millais! It's painted in 1870. Look at her dress, you can almost feel it! Rough, but still soft. And her hair looks just brushed with a hairbrush. It's just so realistic! I can't stop staring at her. 

Unfortunately it reminds me at the negative side of Cinderella. The poor kid, forced to work hard. That makes me a little bit sad. But I think she was not completely unhappy. She had animal friends like the little mouse beneath. Cute, isn't it :) 
Or imagine her in a beautiful white ball dress with golden details.
Something like this:

Don't she look better now? I can see her sitting just in front of me!
The dress is from the Barbie movie The Princess and The Pauper. I just loved that movie! Such a beautiful story and the songs are amazing! I think it's my favourite Barbie movie :D

love, Siel

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