7 Nov 2010

Italia Venezia e Ravenna

And we're back from Italy!

All ready a few days shame on me, but I've been busy.
And here are the pictures of our first days. I decided to show them in a few posts (one or a few days per post)

Beginning on a parking on the go
Ruby's cute River Island sweater
(Sorry Ru, for stealing these three pictures! )

The next morning a quick pic in our hotel room before we left to Venice. And yes I'm eating a carrot ;)
And then we are in Venice, unfortunately with kinda bad weather
You can see our big group of people.
Although it looks little here, it are 103 students.
The stand of the water was really high!

The next day we went to Ravenna to see for instance San Vitale

Many beautiful trompe l'oeil's, mosaics and wall-paintings.

And then on the go to our next hotel.

We'll see you again in Siena !


  1. What awe-inspiring beauty you photographed in Venice! It must have been so much more awesome actually seeing it all in person but the photos are wonderful, and you both look cute and happy.

  2. whahahah giere siel XD ik zie er eigenlijk wel gedrogeerd uit op al die foto's O_O
    maar jah, wel grappig :)
    aard was veel, ik hoop dat het gaat lukken, mijn schema ken ik helemaal; maar straks vraagt die van die stomme vragen waar ik weer ni op kan antwoorden O_o HELPPP ='(


  3. These pictures are so cute, looks like you had a great time!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. Hei
    did u go to my country without saying anything?!!! =)
    did u enjoy Venice? I found it amazing... it seems u are stuck in middle ages...
    I loved some pics u posted.

    I came back from Thailand... so if u want to check the pics...u can check on my blog as usual

  5. you girls are funny to watch
    I really enjoy every time I watch this blog ;)



  6. Wat een mooie foto's. In die kerk/gebouw is mijn broertje ook geweest. Echt leuk. Ik wou dat ik kon gaan. Welkom terug. Liefs, xxxx

  7. Lovely photographs, bet it was even more amazing in real life :D xxx

  8. wow looks like you had a lot of fun, the photos of venice are gorgeous! and i love the river island sweater :) x

  9. Wauw wat een geweldige foto's!

    Het ziet er zo een stuk rustiger uit in venetie. Ik was er in de zomer en in het begin was het nog wel leuk, maar daarna wordt het steeds meer van hetzelfde en op een gegeven moment werd het zo druk. Daarom heb ik niet zo'n goede indruk van Venetie nu!

  10. Bedankt voor jullie reactie!
    Haha ja echt erg he,
    niemand die dat van haar verwacht I know for sure ^^

    &Geweldig leuke foto's zeg!
    Wat een leuke trui ook :D
    Ik heb daar het konijnenmutsje van ^^

  11. awwww you both have such wonderful pics...its lovely to see all that happiness and friendship.

    ROME,venezia and florence are some of my to-go trips one day.

    im going to be a follower now





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