24 Oct 2010

Ciao ciao !

Last night at 5 o clock in the morning (our time), we left to Italy! It's a school trip :) We're going to see the big and famous places like Rome, Venice, Firenze, Pompeii, Siena, ...
I've been already to most of them a few years ago but I don't mind! And it's Ruby's first time, how cute ^^.
We're going to see a lot museums and things like that because of our study (art remember!).
Like you see, it's a while ago ;) I'm like 13? 14?

So, we'll see you again within 12 days!

And for the ones who have autumn vacation like us next week, have fun!


  1. See you, hope you have fun :)

  2. Heel veel plezier. Geniet ervan. <3 Liefs, xxxxx

  3. so jealous! wish i was tagging along :-)

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

    have fun!

  4. Oh, have the most wonderful time, you two! I had the loveliest vacation in Rome, Florence and Venice too last year. Come back with lots of pics:)


  5. Bedankt voor je lieve reactie!
    &Supervet dat jullie naar Italiƫ gaan!
    Pff wij gaan alleen naar de Ardennen.
    Oke naja we zijn ook naar London geweest ^^ Dat was wel supervet!

    Heel veel plezier als jullie dit nog lezen!

  6. Wow have a wonderful trip! Sounds fantastic and looking forward to seeing the pictures!

  7. Wow, have fun! I wish I could go to Italy for a school trip haha!


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    Liefs, xxx


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