20 Oct 2010

Little Sneak Peek

Busy busy busy! Sunday we leave to Italy (I'll tell you more about it later),Friday 2 big tests and a presentation over an Italian museum and tomorrow: evaluation!
We have different practical classes like painting art, 3d art(sculptures), graphic arts, ... And one important class: atelier. Here you get a subject and you can make what you want. After a certain period this has to be finished on time and then there is an evaluation with a jury (the teacher corps).
Our subject was animals and it has to go about the comparison between animals and human.
You may have seen Ruby's rat pictures and preparation of the rat masks.
Now I give you a little sneak peek of my project! I give you a few pictures earlier
(It's a movie)
Just too to late film Ruby's funny little dance!

Isn't it nice of me that I make some time in my busy busy week to make this post? :D


  1. Serious siel O_O
    no waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay XD
    maar ik denk da dat van jou echt goed gaat zijn, en trouwens goed uitgelegd in het Engels :)


  2. you're always traveling! you're so lucky:) at the moment my internet isn't really fast so i can't watch these videos so well. but later i will!

    <3 greetings

  3. Those classes sound amazing! I wish I was taking them! Good luck on the evaluation!

    Camila F.

  4. have to much fun in italy darlings!

  5. Thank you so much, dear. your so cute ruby :)

  6. Those classes sound truly amazing.
    Can I go with you? :D

    I can't see the second video, but the first is lovely!

  7. Hahaha, wat leuk. Maar naar italiƫ? Bofkont. Dat is zo leuk. Liefs, xxx

  8. Aww, love the cute lil dance!


  9. Hoi!

    Echt zo hartstikke bedankt voor je opbouwende kritiek op mijn 'Smooth Criminal' -look. Ik had echt even tips nodig en die heb jij ook gegeven. Hartstikke bedankt. Ik ga de foto maar eens uitgebreid bestuderen. :)

  10. u 2 look so cute! And the bear knitwear is faaab!


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