23 Oct 2010

Dancing the beast

Today I'll show you my final movie! The theme was explained in the previous post but I'll explain it again to you. The subject was animals and we had to make a comparison between animals and human with a technique of our choice. I've chosen to make a video. (I didn't knew this in the beginning of course.) I started with masks but I replaced them not much later by T-shirts

My story s about how people take over the personality off the mask. I let a friend dance, African inspired, cause they have often animals represented movements in their dances.
I choose three groups of animals to display: cats, birds and insects. I analysed the motions of these animals. Little note: for cats I inspired me on cats and lions, for birds on geese, swans and crane birds and for insect mostly on grasshoppers and ants.
With this dance I tried to show you the animal she presents at that moment without being too obvious.

I'm not very happy with the result although the dance was performed very well. But I had some problems with the background and its also stupid that you don't see anything of the prints on the T-shirts! And I'm not happy about the adaptation of the movie. But I'm not an expert and this is just the second movie I ever worked on.

The commentary of the jury (the teacher corps):
A great idea, but their might have been a bit more study to the animals and shown it better in the movie. They said you could see it in the beginning but at the end the idea get no longer in.  The movie was also too long, 1,5 minutes must have been the max for this type of video. And of course they talked about the less good technical side and blah blah blah. They even said this was like a preliminary study instead of a real finished artwork. A bit rude but I do agree with them.
These commentary may have sound quit bad but I think it was OK. They where mostly right with their judgement and I think they really liked the idea.
So now I'm really curious about my score! Fingers crossed for me! :D

Ooh the video doesn't work :( I spent hours yesterday and today to upload it but it won't work!
Well,  now you understand  the idea at least..


  1. I think constructive criticism is a great thing and it's definitely great if can handle it! I'm used to it now after giving presentations at university! Good luck with your marks!

  2. Ik ben ook benieuwd. Je krijgt vast een goed cijfer. Maar de video doet het inderdaad niet. Liefs,xxxx

  3. Wat stom dat het filmpje niet werkt zeg, het klonk zo leuk en het zag er zo leuk uit na het eerste filmpje. Kun je hem niet reuploaden en heb je de geedite versie niet apart opgeslagen?
    Of heb je hem op YT zelf bewerkt?

    Wel een leuk idee ja!


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