9 Oct 2010

Siel's alltime Wishlist

Don't you have some things that you really really really want? Things that are hard to find or too expensive for you ? I have! And I'd like to show you my list.
You'll see the big influence of blogs!

Although the Alexa is very pretty, I prefer the Mulberry Bayswater. Preferable a simple one, and a gooorgeous one in lac leather. And perhaps another special one. I don't know yet :D
First sight lac version: on The Cherry Blossom Girl.
Price: €750, €850

I have one favourite but unfortunately I can't find him :( If I would I would buy him immediately! But the chances to find the watch are decreasing, cause it's from a few seasons ago. So I'm afraid I'm never going to buy my darling.
Let's present my one and only big love:
The  Just Cavalli Snake End - Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch pfoe! what a name
First seen at Asos
Price: between €200 - 300

1) I already wrote an article about it, the Pirate Boots of Vivienne Westwood. Oh they're so beautiful !
First sight: I think at Tokyobanhbao, I'm not sure.
Price: about €400

2) And other boots designed by her hand: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa Bow Detail Ankle Boots. First I thought I would never buy these but now you see the brand everywhere here in Europe. When I was in London I finally saw them in real and I even tried them on. Stupid kid as I am, I was doubting too much about the price and the fact that I didn't need them. Anyway, now I know my size :)
First seen at Tokyobanhbao
Price: about €90

Too Faced Seek To Conquer The World Domination Tour (Box). Or another palette/box from Too Faced. They are all amazing and wonderful to get as present (Hint? ;) ) But this particular one is hard to find lately.
First seen at Misslipgloss
Price: €34

1) Marc Jacobs Silver Bracelets Solid Cuff Wrist Band. I'd almost convinced my dad to order them on Ebay. Almost.
First seen at Le blog de Betty
Real price: ? Ebay price: from €30

2) Disney Couture ! I love love love that brand! I love almost everything there but I'll show you some of my favourites.
First seen in a magazine
Price: €30 till €100

And I thought I would only remember a few things! It went a whole list. Come on Siel, start saving money! Oh right, I'm still saving for a laptop, and I'm not even half.


  1. Wauwiwwauw! Vooral die pirate boots. Oehie, I love them. Liefs, xxxx

  2. superschattig! als ik momenteel onbegrensde middelen had zou ik waarschijnlijk de hele Zara leegkopen en dan iets van de laatste McQueen collectie.
    bedankt voor je comment! :)

  3. i absolutely love disney couture and if i ever wore flats i would have definitely snapped up the vivienne westwood boots! x

  4. Aw some of these things are so gorgeous. I love the bayswater too! If only!

  5. i really like your list. wow those pirate boots are something!

  6. Great picks! I LOVE those Vivienne Westwood boots! They'd be great for rainy weather! Sorry, I live in Washington, US. You always have to think about the rain here! Hah.

    Love me...Love me not


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