20 Aug 2010

Pirates! Aaargh!

I'm seeing another trend!
(Gosh I'm really a trend spotter this week!)
Like you saw in the title: PIRATE BOOTS!

So come on with the parrots, golden earrings and scars ! Aaargh!

No :D I didn't mean the whole pirate thing! Just the boots.

It all started with the boots of Vivienne Westwood
You probably noticed that they're very popular

Emma Watson

Kate Moss

Sienna Miller

 Keira Knightley

Japanese streetstyle

and I can go and go on and go on ...
But don't panic if you can't get these ones!

also from Tokyobanhbao
These are boots from Kurt Geiger (That's a lot cheaper than Vivienne Westwood!)

and Chloe has made a beautiful knock-off to!

and Topshop also

Do you like this trend as much as I do?
Love, Siel


  1. I do love this trend just as you do. I think they actually really cute. I love them. Exspecially the last pair.

    Loves, xxxxx

  2. haha what a great post:) Your pirate look is great, too! I didn't noticed this trend yet, but i'm looking forward for some new boots:))

  3. I like your pirate outfit :D
    i'm liking pirate boots too, i'd have the second to last pair if i could!

  4. haha I love your pirate inspired outfit! the boots are super cute too :)


  5. Thanks :D!
    nice photos i really like the boots.

  6. Wow, sielie, I love the pirate look ^_^ =D en so lovely that you puttet Keira in it!!!! ^-^
    and I adore the Japanese streetstyle and the Tokyobanhbao


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