10 Aug 2010

Like a gipsy

Hi guys!
My mum has got a suitcase with a few old hippie clothes of her. Inside I found an amazing skirt! I feel so elegant, so feminine when I'm wearing it!
The strechthing above is completely stretched out unfortunately. I'm thinking of letting it replace and add a smaller one. And then I could wear it like a strapless dress !

I would probably wear it with a belt:
Isn't it gorgeous ?

Or I could wear it as a skirt (the normal way)

But this is a bit too long for me.

I feel better when it comes a bit shorter. 
And the belt is necessary if I don't wont it to drop of!

I feel like a gipsy :D
(Oh great now is the song from Shakira in my head!)

Let's try some other combinations!

hmm this feels a bit witch-y

Maybe a bit too dark? 

hmmpf I'm getting tired.
Does somebody else now some great combinations? It seemed like I'm uninspired!


  1. Looks great how you combine! I love your beauty.

  2. You did great combinaison!

    Mayve you can try to do dress with this long skirt?

  3. i love the third look and the second to last! what a great/versatile skirt! you are sooo pretty :)


  4. Try with a white simple top.
    But I love your combinations :)

  5. I really like those witchy photos, hehe!

  6. That is an amazing skirt...I think your combinations are gorgeous. I might wear it high-waisted, belted with a cardigan over it, but thats all I think of too.

  7. what an awesome find!

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  8. I really like all the different combinations - and it looks perfect on you as a maxi skirt x


  9. sielie, I adore the dark look XD
    really!! =D

  10. i love the skirt and the whole combination attempt hehe.... i personally like the very last one and the mixing of prints. i could imagine it with knee-high boots and a floppy felt hat!

    thank you for your lovely comments and stopping by! be sure to follow?! i will be throwing a giveaway soon!


    x Your Only Blackswan


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