25 Aug 2010

Miss Dior Chérie

Have you seen the website of  Miss Dior Chérie ? It's a shame if you haven't! Because the site is as beautiful as the The house of Viktor & Rolf!
It's wired like those brands can make things just the way you adore it! But I'm not gonna tell you about brands. I want to show you the advertisements of Miss Dior Chérie.
Watch and see ...

The commercial is incredible to. It stands for almost everything I love! You can see it on the site.
So my tip for you: Go the the website and let yourself be enchanted.


  1. Die ruikt zooooo lekker. Hmmm. ben er helemaal weg van. Leuke review.
    Liefs, xxxx

  2. I love their campaigns - always so light and airy and sweet!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. Hihi, yes I knew that webside and since last year I always wanted to have this parfume -it's so wonderful, but expensive! Now I got it from the "Duty Free Shop" of Istanbul airport... It reminds me on travelling with the plane and flowers:))
    I'm going to take a look at Viktor&Rolf...

  4. The house is great as well:) I love the sound!

  5. i went on the website once, by accident, it's actually lovely!


  6. I love that parfum and those ad are gorgeous!

    xx Chloé - lapenderiedechloé*

  7. very great pics!!
    i really enjoy the first picture!

  8. Wat een supermooie site, zo leuk dat het zoals zo'n uitvouwboek (of hoe heet dat) gaat ^^

    Kan het dat ik jullie gisteren in Antwerpen gezien heb haha :') alé, in elk geval twee meisjes die mij aan jullie deden denken!


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