9 Aug 2010

Stripes and chaines

I'm sorry it was so quiet around me this week! And no I wasn't on a holiday again. I had a really busy week! I had to babysit the hole time and that was quit heavy. But it's over now and I've got time for you again!
A few days ago I went chopping with my sister and I've bought some new pretty things !A cropped sweater and two pair of ballerina's. I'll show it to you in the today's outfit.

I've wanted a cropped top for a long time (Ruby has got a beautiful one to!) but it never was good enough until I found these one :D The red ballerina's are already my third pair of red ballerina's that I've bought! I just keep on buying them again if they are old and worn! I like it so much. Here is my previous pair (still the most beautiful) The other pair of ballerina's are a bit in the style of Betty from le blog de betty. I love her style! But that's not the reason that I've bought these shoes, I just liked them a lot :)

Top, shoes New Look
Skirt, sunglasses, hat H&M
old friends necklace with Ruby having the forever-part

I also went to the movie "The last airbender". I'm totally into those kinds of movie's/books! I love it! And I saw the series on Nickelodeon (Yeah sometimes I'm just a kid) Anyway the movie was great but unfortunately  it was just one part. I hope that there will follow other sequels!
See ya!


  1. i love the parisian feel :)
    cute look!

  2. Love it sieeel O.O

    too pretty ^_^

  3. cute hat! love wearing hats these days, esp on bad hair days!


  4. I love the outfit, it works together so well! Thank you for commenting my blog!

  5. Love your outfit, very cute!


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