9 Aug 2010


I'm getting more sad every day.
Parents who keep shouting all day, the rainy days, sitting inside, and some other personal problems.
I hope it will be better soon, because if they keep being like this, I'm not planning to stay long home when I'm graduated. Then they will see me monthly (if it's that), that's like I see my older sister now.

some old pictures of me


  1. Dear, I hope it will be better soon!! And the pictures are really pretty!

  2. İ'm so sad for you... but stay hopeful! i think everything is getting better at each time:)

    The photos are great! especially the third one:)

    Have a nice day now;)

  3. Hi, i also wanted to ask this question: are you two sisters or cousins? i thought it's so:)

  4. i'm so sorry to hear about your troubles. try and remember that your parent's issues are not your problem. find something that makes your happy to keep you preoccupied or call up a friend to take you out of the house for the day. thing will get better soon :)


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