18 Oct 2010

Flair Shopping Day I

Normally all shops are closed on Sunday in Belgium, but yesterday the Wijnegem Shopping Center was open cause it was Flair Shopping Day! (Flair is a Belgian woman-magazine.) There where several things like the hair stand, make-up stand, cover stand (what we did) and many many discounts. I'll show you my purchases later. And when you're looking through the pictures, you don't look double! Ruby's twin sister joined us :D More pictures at the mad twins, also a link to ATV (a regional television station) with a little movie where you can spot us :)

I'm late, like always.
Ruby forgive me luckily!

 We're having fun, like always :D

The two sisters together, can you see who is who?
Siel is wearing:
vintage cardigan (Think Twice)
lace top New Look
skirt H&M
dark blue tights New Look
shoes New Look
bag ZARA

Ruby is wearing:
dress River Island (do you recognise it?)
tights Urban Outfitters?
shoes, necklace H&M
necklace with pearls and stuff New Look
diadem H&M
bag Vintage

Kim is wearing:
blouse Urban Outfitters
cardigan Vintage
skirt Dept
purple tights ?
shoes Vintage
bag River Island


  1. What a fun day, you look so lovely!! And I love it when people end up in the back of my photographs!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. amai meid,
    great job! I own you much!! ^__^
    And we all looked lovely :)

    ps: een meisje op mijn blog had ons herkent op de flair shopping, maar kon ni naar ons komen omwille van het wachten in de rij ^__^
    maar wel tof hé :)


  3. Haha funny guy xD

    Van mij mag ze wel zo'n jurkjes kopen! =D Ik heb er namelijk ook een zwak voor hihi xD Het is een ziekte... =D


  4. Voor mij is vintage iets wat bijvoorbeeld van mijn mama is geweest toen ze zo oud was als ik.
    En thrifted is wanneer ik een bloesje van 130 euro voor 5 euro kan kopen ^^ Hele grote outlet solden dus =D

  5. ahh, i love these kind of events! i especially love ruby's bag (:


  6. seems like you both had lotsa fun :)
    nice photos

    new pics:


  7. love both ur outfits..but i m totally in love with ur purse

  8. aweh!
    You guys are super cute! :)


  9. you girls are so cute, pretty, and stylish! so happy to have found your blog :-)

    xoxo Bardot in Blue aka your new fan in Paris

  10. LOL fun pictures, they're so goofy and funny! love :)

  11. Ik had het ook al op de blog van die andere twee meisjes gezegd, maar wat zagen jullie er geweldig uit zeg!
    Mooie meisjes zijn jullie ook!

    Leuke blog heb je verder!
    Die rode tas in een vorige post is echt supervet :)

  12. You look gorgeous! Looks like it was a super fun day.

    Camila F.

  13. your blog is so amazing! I love the photos you took , realy adorable!

  14. Wat leuk. Ik wis niet dat ruby 2-ling is? Ze lijken echt sprekend op elkaar. De foto's zijn echt mooi. Jullie staat er ook altijd goed op. Liefs, xxxx

  15. you guys look so sweet, and lovely
    the dresses and cardis and everything is amazing!

  16. you both look gorgeous as always and i love your cardigan!

    looks like you had a lot of fun :) x

  17. What a wonderful post!
    I agree with the others, you two look absolutely stunning. Those clothes are really amazing and.. well just look at you! :)

  18. Great time, great outfit,and with great friend.. lovely!


  19. such beautiful girls...fabulous outfits. the white dress is very whimsical and looks so pretty with the floral tights.


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