10 Dec 2010

Little movie over a classmate

For our cours New media we had to make a little movie about a classmate.
I had a whole other idea actually but I still hadn't done anything and it had to be finished this week so last weekend I quickly made something. (It explains the quality)

I'll clarify it a bit: Thus it was over Louise, who wears often flowerprints. She has a thing with lands like Egypt. (also notably in her jewellery) She is often stressed about school and certainly about her rapport. And the words at the end are words she usually says.

Love, Siel


  1. das echt wel tof eigenlijk =)


  2. oooh, i love that song! cute video. xo

    ps, i'm having a christmas jumper giveaway (:

  3. Hahaha, heel grappig opgenomen. Zo slecht is de kwaliteit niet hoor.
    Die sieraden zijn heel leuk.
    Liefs, xxx

  4. ow, thank you siele voor de sweet comment. En jip, da ben ik X3
    Jah, ik vond ook al dat die hard op Joyce leek XD heheh, maar ik ben het toch zenne :p


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