26 May 2012

Gorgeous gowns and drapey dresses

Oh Cannes, Festival de Cannes, when everybody is at their best. The ultimate moment to fantasize about the red carpet and the whole atmosphere around it. I bet you've seen pics of celebrities parading in the most gorgeous dresses. I'm never bored of watching those! Normally I would have showed you my favourites, but since finals are coming closer and closer (Tuesday, aaaaargh!) I decided to show you my favourite dresses, the one I would wear! (Oh, if only...) As usual net-a-porter was my fashion victim and no, it didn't disappoint. Take a look at these gorgeous gowns...

1. A gorgeously romantic Lanvin dress, doesn't match with my hair colour though. 2. Greek inspired dress from Vionnet, I love the absence of a typical (deep) decolleté. 3. This Halston Heritage dress looks quit simple at first sight, but has a surprising back. Also wearable in less dramatic occasions. 4. Reminds me of my own designer dress from about a year ago. Though this Donna Karan dress is even better. 5. The chance you'll see me in a black dress on a gala event is rather small, but this classy dress from The Row has certainly caught my eye. 6. You wont see me in this one either, I haven't the right body for it.Very provocative, but a really fascinating front. And it's sold out now, and I don't remember the brand, sorry!

Voila, I hope you enjoyed it and it's quit clear I like drapey dresses :)
Favourites, anyone?


  1. That last gown is gorgeous.I can see why it sold out. There are also a lot of intricate and sheer gowns from the big name designers being seen worn by celebrities on the red carpet as the lingerie as outerwear trend continues thanks in part to Madonna, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and many many more stars for the trend. Yes, I've been watching the fashion with interest at Cannes and thought about writing about it. Maybe I can get a scoop here on your blog. :)

  2. Nummer 6 vind ik prachtig.
    Liefs, xxx

  3. all those dresses are so amazing

  4. last dress is my fav too. whish I could go to cannes


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