8 Jul 2012


Last week I went to a little festival in Ghent called Copacobana. It's not just a music festival but it also includes theatre (poetry) and dancing. It turned out quit magical, I had a very good time!
We arrived Friday evening when it was already dark. The atmosphere was immediately very cosy with coloured lights showing the way and  brass band with cute looking guys playing jazzy music.
The next we went in the afternoon. Unfortunately the weather wasn't that good but I loved the cultural vibe. I even danced with a total stranger! And I can't dance at all so it was very nice to have a leading partner while swing dancing.
Next year I'll be there again, definitely!

pictures: mine and from here


  1. Leuke blog!!!

  2. J'aime beaucoup les photos! Elles sont superbes!
    Angela Donava


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