29 Jul 2012

Playing around with make up

Promise inspired me once more to play around with make-up. I tried shaping this time! I definitely need more practice but I was just testing some effects actually. And I need something nice to shape too. Here I used brow powder, because of the simple reason that it's matte. But it's hard to blend though! And next time it will be an eye pencil to redefine the eyelid instead of a liquid eyeliner. Anyway I had fun :) and I think I do look different in the first pics, mission accomplished !

Oops, accidently taking a picture while redefining the make up

See how I draw extra lashes on my eyelid! :p The line above should have been smudged but I was too lazy again. Further it's shaping, shaping and shaping! Now I just have to find something that blends better. Perhaps eye shadow or bronzer? It has to be matte...


  1. J'aime les photos! Super!Joli maquillage

    Angela Donava

  2. ahahahahh I love your angry face! you really look like a supermodel in here! what a GORGEOUS face dear!!! GORGEOUS! *


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