2 Sep 2012


I am still on my lonely island like I said in a few post before. Which means I'm isolated, far away from friends and family since the beginning of August. Of course it is for a higher purpose: studying for resits! Meanwhile there where plenty of distractions, with a temporary absence of my internet connection (bye social contact!) as the most irritating one. Here is a little photo diary of random things in this lonely month.

late night snack
This would be a pretty cool tatoo, dontcha think?
And then things when out of control, lol! (nailpolish: American Apparel Neon red)
experimenting with my camera
I'll spare you the overload of pictures ;)


  1. Bedankt voor je comment op mijn blog, leuke en fijne blog heb je zelf ook! Mijn luipaardloafers komen van de Primark (8 euries maar!), maar ik had wel de laatste 40 (die zijn te groot dus draag er zooltjes in), dus ik hoop dat je ze bij een Primark in de buurt wél nog in jouw maat kan vinden!

  2. Die laatste foto is gaaf geworden! :o

  3. Owwwh, van wie is die macbook? <3
    Leuke foto's.
    Liefs, xxx

  4. I'm sorry you've been feeling lonely. I miss seeing more photos of you and Ruby together (they are always adorable). The "FOCUS" on your laptop screen is great and I love the photos you took experimenting with your camera.


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