27 Sep 2012

Sweet dreams

Yesterday, it was Student Kick-off here in Ghent. That's a big party for the students in the city to open the new year. I was in the mood for something sweet so I grabbed this old H&M dress and combined it with some knee socks. Quit simular like here actually. I also had to go to class first and I didn't want to look slutty with that mini dress and knee socks. That was a main reason to sweeten things up too!
The first thing when I came home was grabbing some honey! I had a horable sore throat, I hope I'm not getting ill. And unfortunately the honey didn't helped that much, I'll be visiting a pharmacy today!

dress H&M, jacket (new!) Promod, friends necklace Claire's, flower necklace Urban Outfitters, but the original flower fell off and my niece from JUNE fixed it with a new one :)


  1. hot lemon and honey usually helps me when I have a sore throat, hope you feel better soon! <3

  2. Heeeel leuk vestje!

  3. Hope you feel better now. Lovely blog!


  4. Get well soon sweetie! Nice post..
    Following you now.. ;)
    Hope you’ll follow back. Thank’s A lot!

    Kisses from VV!!

  5. Hi! I love honey! so healthy!
    Angela Donava

  6. We love the lace dress. It looks great on you. We love it!

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  7. when the honey does nothing to you throat u need to get some med!!! :( hope u'r fine now

    Ur hair colour looks amazing babe!

  8. Interesting content on the other hand I would like to explain to you that I think there is trouble with your RSS feeds when they appear to not be working for me. Might be just me but I was thinking I would suggest it.


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