4 Oct 2012

Life has started again

First of all, thank you very much for your concerns! :)
My sore throat was probably the result of some sort of a cold I had for the past two weeks. With a peak on that evening (and the morning after), but later that day it completely disappeared and I was a normal healthy person again! 

Now the second week of university is at its end I can tell with certainty that my social life is a lot better then previous year! But I'm not sure yet that's a good thing, I need some peace and quiet now and then. So in my spare time I watched season 3 of Glee, love that show haha ! But that isn't good either unfortunately. I need to focus on my lessons again, I've got some grades to pick up!

Here is an outfit from this week:

You know that kind of dress, hanging in your closet, barely touched cause you always think meh, and then you try it on again and think waw ? I had it with this one !
Oh, no! My favourite shoes are getting worn out! I just got them about a year now :(
dress AllSaints, jeans MANGO, shoes River Island, necklace Claire's, hat Seeberger (P&C)

PS Here and in the previous post you get a little sneak peek of my new place! Cause I know some of my friends who haven't been here yet will read this. :) It's way, waaaay more cosier!


  1. wow))
    like you boots)
    Angela Donava

  2. Love your boots !
    I just need a pair like yours ;)


  3. Absolutely love those booots! they are the perfect color, height and look for this season!

    I know i've been out of the loop for a while but I am finally back with a new blog which I hope you have the time to check out and let me know your thoughts. I changed platforms so if you'd like to keep up with my posts a follow in bloglovin would be the best :) following you already...Thanks girl!!

    LMQ- www.fashionneedy.com

  4. your new place looks so cozy indeed :) that floor is gorgeous!!! And that dress shouldn't be lost in ur closet, it looks fab on your body!! eheheh *

  5. Absolutely fantastic!!

    Maybe we can follow each other dear? :)


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