14 Apr 2013

Different angles

So I was trying out my camera again... My room in Ghent became the next victim.
This blog seems to be changing slowly into a photography blog! That wasn't exactly what I had planned. I blame college, it's forcing me. Or in other words I grab my camera every time I should to study. I am a terrible lazy person, a procrastination pro. But hey, it provides nice (photographically) results! Let's not talk about the grades part.

Normally I'm kinda bewitched by things that draw my attention. I am attracted to aesthetic things, mostly small and almost unnoticed. And then I try to capture them on camera. But it rarely gets the right atmosphere.
Here I was trying out different angles and compositions, starting from a camera perspective. Something different then I usually do.

Hmpf, grumpy face!
Maybe I'm unconsciously a big fan of grumpy cat? ;)


  1. The close up photographs are nice. It reminds me that I should be more observant and cognizant of my surroundings because there is beauty to be found everywhere. Is that a recorder (musical instrument) in the third photo? I am a master of procrastination myself, so I will doubtless put the idea of close bservation of aesthetic things to use, but, unlike you, I am terrible with a camera.
    I love photos of women pointing cameras at me so the last photo is my favourite of the lot!
    That grumpy cat image is cute.


    1. Indeed, that's a recorder! Man, it took me years to find out it's name in English haha! Most words in English aren't very different in Dutch, but recorder doesn't sound like a very obvious translation to me. In Dutch it's blokfluit, in which the last part means flute.
      And taking pictures isn't that hard, anybody can do it! Practice makes perfect. :)

  2. I do exactly the same, when I am bored in my room, I just take lots of random photos - and it's fun to see what you can capture on the camera!

  3. At least you're procrastinating by doing something productive, like taking photos - when I was a student, I mostly procrastinated by spending time on facebook :) Love that last shot!

  4. I was never minded for this type of pics, so it's very interesting to see your prespective of some objects and spaces *

  5. I really like your pictures they are so good :)

  6. It's always good to try different things and angles !!

    I really like the photos of the necklace detail !


    xoxo from Japan

  7. Dat uitstelgedrag herken ik volop! Mooie foto's, eens een nieuw thema proberen kan echt pareltjes opleveren :)
    Maya - Archistas


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