28 Apr 2013

Opéra à Bruxelles

Bonjour !

Last week I went to the opera for the first time, in De Munt in Brussels! It was a trip arranged by my student union, and I just couldn't refuse the offer. Besides the exciting going-to-the-opera-for-the-first-time-part, there were some more convincing details. The play was Pelléas et Melisande, written by Belgian nobel prize winner Maurice Maeterlinck (who also wrote l'Oiseau bleu). The music was composed by Claude Debussy, and Anish Kapoor designed the scenery. If you are a little into cultural history, you sure will recognize these grandmasters!
It surely was quite an experience, all very impressive. But I'm not sure what to think about the play itself yet. The interior of De Munt was astonishing, I didn't expect that at all after it's rather disappointing exterior. Of course I didn't take my camera with me, I guess I'm not as confident as the average blogger. 

Back home it was kinda late, and I didn't want to disturb my neighbour with the sound of my camera, so it's just these crappy webcam pics. It's something! Unlike last time, I had the chance to pick an outfit in advance back home. I choose for this gorgeous H&M dress, together with a bright red lacquered belt, green pumps, and a pair of chic golden earrings, from the time my mum was young.
 cuckoo, a sneak peek of the earrings!
 dress: H&M (last winter), green pumps: Sac d'Anvers, earrings: vintage Kookaï


  1. I haven't seen many operas or that many plays for that matter. The interior of De Munt looks fabulous - quite grand and opulent. That must be weird having ones neighbor be able to hear your camera. I guess the interior walls are thin? I'm not sure how you did that connected mirror-image photo but it's a beauty.

    Your makeup and your hair look perfect! Your H&M dress looks pretty and the earrings are beautiful. I love the photo of you making a face for the camera while holding your shoes up in the air. Your outfit for going to the opera was a lovely one.


    1. Thank you so much! :) The walls of my dorm room are indeed kinda thin, but I'm probably exaggerating a little.

  2. je zag er goed uit! ik ben nog nooit naar de opera geweest, klinkt wel leuk!

  3. Ik ben vorig jaar naar de opera in Brussel geweest, ondanks dat het verhaal toch wel beetje raar te volgen was. De ervaring vond ik de moeite, de Munt is echt prachtig vanbinnen en wie wil er nu niet ooit een opera zien :)
    Ik denk dat we dit jaar weer mochten gaan en waarschijnlijk naar dit stuk, als ik hoor dat Anish Kapoor de sets heeft ontwerpen, ben ik echt wel teleurgesteld dat ik niet ging. Mooie jurk ook :)
    Maya - Archistas


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