7 May 2013

Extreme make up and laptop troubles

Hi there!

Meanwhile I've got some troubles because I forgot the charger of my laptop back home. It's the first time actually, in almost 2 years of studying here in Ghent. Anyhow, my university's pc-room, savior of the day, is just around the corner. And here I am!
The good thing about having no laptop around, that I finally took the time for some real outfit pictures again! The last proper outfit post was in January already, oops! So expect some more fashion related posts soon. :)

About this pics, friend C. persuaded me  to come to a local pimps&ho's party. A couple days before I tried out some extreme make up looks, (though it never looks that extreme on picture), and it worked out quit well if I may say so! Imagine a pair of big hoops earring and bright red lipstick and we're ready to go! Although I couldn't stay very long (I had a concert the next morning), it was surprisingly fun! Again next year?


  1. I watch makeup tutorials all the time, so please believe me when I tell you that your makeup doesn't look extreme at all - but it looks beautiful!!! Your lipstick, eyeliner and mascara look perfect! I love the look.

  2. Die make-up ziet er echt nog best ok uit, in ieder geval, mooie foto's!


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