18 May 2013

Hello summer, welcome!

Just one more outfit from last week! I could spoil the whole image by saying it was actually a dark and rainy day, and I had to wear boots, and my hair was totally frizzy because of the weather; but I won't. I love the swirly, quirky aspect of these pics. It says:"Hello summer, welcome!" A little girly, and a little bit coolness, and ready to go. Hmm also great as a festival outfit, combined with a hat of course!

Cropped top: Urban Outfitters, skirt: WE, pink nailpolish: HEMA

By the way, do you spot the ombre nail polish on my fingernails from last post?


  1. I love the look of your WE skirt and Urban Outfitters cropped top. They look like they were made for each other. It's a pretty outfit. I also loved the look of your pink and blue-green ombre nail polish on your fingernails in your last post. You did a beautiful job applying it with a pretty result.

  2. Leuke look! Lijkt precies één kleedje te zijn :)


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