20 May 2013

50 shades of blue

Something I often forget, but is surely a fun thing to do is editing pictures! Just a little bit of photoshop gives an instant professional effect! Not that I'm a photoshopping pro, but a little change of lights often does the trick. Let me show you:

For example our old blogheader.

As you can see the picture has a warm, yellow light. Adding a subtle blue shade makes it look like a cool fashion editorial. Or like I love to think, like a murder/detective TV-series promo!

Another example of adding a subtle blue shade in a picture, from our pick-nick in the park. It's still my over-all favourite blogpost !

The colours look bright and fun, like a great afternoon (which it was). But I wanted something more professional. Like Vogue-editorial-professional!

And just one more to end, from this blogpost:

The only thing I did in all these pics was adding a coloured (blue) filter. Amazing isn't it? The main reason is that I still haven't got photoshop on my laptop, only on the pc back home. And since I'm most of the time in my dorm room, I have to settle with Picasa. Which is by the way, an excellent free picture editing program if you ask me, the best I've had so far !


  1. I love all of these photos. The blog-header photoshop of you and Ruby is pretty with both colourations. It took me a few moments to notice the extra pair of hands holding the book in the next photos because I was looking at the pretty dress, hairstyle and hairbow. It's a fun photo. The tophat you're wearing in the last photo is great. and I love the ruffles at the sleeves and neckline of your blouse. I like the blue nailpolish too.

  2. great photos!!
    so interesting and creative ideas of photos!!
    love it!!

    Angela Donava

  3. I don't think I could live without the blue filter in photoshop, it makes every photo look better! I love the effect it had on your blog header :)


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