31 May 2013

Not in a very talkative mood

Hi there !
Long time no see :)
But I'll make it up to you! Here are some brand new pics, just from today.

Even with a hidden outfit sneak peek!

And some yumzie strawberries!

And socks!
Yeah I don't know why either...

Super extra long supermodel legs!
Nah, it's just the angle luckily.
And hey, another hidden outfit sneak peek!

And also a mini shoplog!
New Tee from Promod.

And the reason why I'm not in a very talkative mood today:
Exams. Finals. Studying. Yuk.

So wish me luck on my very first exam Monday! I'm gonna need it!

dress (old) H&M - belt vintage - jeggings Esprit - socks Women's Secret

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  1. Good luck studying and on your exam!!! I love whatever they are that you're wearing on your feet at the end of those supermodel legs. They look pretty and very comfortable. The strawberries look delicious, the artwork on the blouse is pretty and I love photos where I can imagine the woman with the camera is taking my picture. :)


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