6 Jun 2013

One word, five letters

This is how my world looks like currently. One word, five letters: S.T.U.D.Y. 
I have three more exams to go, (I know, it's not that much. But still it's enough! ) of wich the next one is tomorrow. And I am so going to die, there is way too little time! Yet I'm here making this post, silly girl.
What I'm trying to say is that I won't be uploading very much this month. Also having no internet connection is quite annoying, I hope that can be fixed soon.
While I'm on my lonely isolated isle again, now and then I get some nice encouraging texts. But sometimes the nice and encouraging part is hard to find, just like this one from my mum. Love you too zenne.


  1. Haha, goei mopke van de mama ;)
    Veel succes met den blok, ge zijt niet alleen!

  2. good luck Sielie :) You can do it!!!! <3

  3. veel succes!! leuk da smske ;)
    xo Charlotte - Aliceroxy

  4. Heel veel succes met je tentamens!

    Trouwens... doe je al mee aan mijn give-away :D! ?
    Je kunt een shambala armbandje winnen t.w.v. € 80.- Iets voor jou?




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