20 Jun 2013


June, probably my least favourite period of the year.
There wasn't much going on this month. Or in other words, there was a lot going on this month but I had to skip it because of exams. -Yeah, yeah, I'll stop complaining about them!- But I'm afraid I can't show you very exiting things now. However I can show you a little impression of my month! Most days felt the same, so it were the little things that made it more special. Have a look!

 Painting my nails with the nail polish Ruby gave me for my birthday. I have to admit that I secretly had doubts about it in the beginning, but that's gone now! I love this colour! Thanks Ru!

And then of course this happens... 
I am seriously thinking about buying OPI Drip Dry now! Any experience?

Trying out my new sandals (brand called Inuovo, by Vollenberg)
Still doubting about removing the chains, their tinkling sound drives me crazy!

Trying out a middle parting (middenstreep) again. It does look quite okay, doesn't it?

Lunch! And man it was delicious! Yum, just looking at it makes me hungry again!

Heard a lot good things about this guy, I'm curious to find out! 
White powder that turns transparent to set your foundation. A cheap knock off of Mac prep+prime.
Got a visitor this day. It's only the third time this year (and first time to capture!) that a bird came this close to my window, so yeah I was pretty excited. :)

Going out for diner with friends, spaghetti chez Katrijn! Great to wear heels again, it can give a confidence boost! Despite the state of these shoes I barely wear heels actually. (shoes New Look, old)

Time to go to bed! I love how cosy this looks when I turn off the main light and turn on my night light. 
Don't you wanna crawl there in and stay for good? I do!
Nighty night!

By the way, there will be a new outfit post soon! :)


  1. great stuff!
    love the shoes!
    best wishes!

    Angela Donava


  2. Your new sandals are really pretty :)
    Love that post !And love the nail polish too ^^


  3. Lovely sandals & nail polish :)

  4. Lunch looks yummy! Wat zit erop? Pesto, cherrytomaatjes en....?

  5. OH! Ik ben zo scheel. PHILADELPHIA DUHHH!

    1. Haha, het was inderdaad wel een beetje obvious :D

  6. OPI drip dry werkt (nagelstyliste gebruikt dit altijd) maar de goedkopere versie die ik sinds een tijdje koop is Essence fast dry top sealer en die koop je in de Inno of bij Kruidvat !


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