24 Jun 2013

Red vs White Queen

~ Alice in Wonderland - Alice's theme 
"Alice dear where have you been. So near, so far, so in between."

Hello everybody. Ruby here again. (after a while not posting.) I do apologize for keeping a lot of posts for myself, but I promised myself I will be preparing all of them today. Lucky I had edited them already so I only have to make the posts. The exams are over and we can finally start planning our summer. I didn't planned anything yet, except for the festival in Gent. I look forward to it! Finally seeing Siel again after such a long time. These pictures you will see are taken a while ago, but they are truely amazing in my opinion. We had so much fun taking these in the most horrible weather! x') We hope for better weather in summer though. Do you guys have plans for summer? 


  1. perfect style!
    like unreal persons!
    have a nice day!

    Angela Donava

  2. Love the photoshoot! Actually your outfit reminds me of Red Riding Hood. I just love the poses and the backdrop is gorgeous! Great job dear


  3. I love Alice in Wonderland! The setting for these photos is delightful as a Wonderland setting. The two of you look very pretty and absolutely adorable together. I love the outfits. :)


  4. BEAUTIFUL photos,really!
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