22 Jun 2013

Comfort heaven

Voila, another outfitpost! I bought this dress last month, and later completely forgotten about it. Shame on me. So I took it to my place in Ghent, but unfortunately the weather was way too hot to wear it. So I planned to wear it to my exam last Thursday (which was also a tad too warm actually). A great occasion for this baby's first step in the world. Afterwards I wondered why it took me so long, This.Is.So.Comfy!  Comfort heaven!
Funny also how my face reflexes my feelings of that day. The exam didn't go very well, but not entirely bad either. What you see is a state of self-recognition, peace with whatever the result will be. I just had this dull neutral smile on my face all day. Also thanks for pointing out that I look tired that day, dear classmate. Now I see these pictures, I have to admit you're right.

maxi dress New Look - cardigan JBC   

And I just looove how flowy this dress is! Not too much just a little, just what I was looking for! :)

PS1. Another outfitpost is coming soon!
PS2. My Flickr account is almost full (again), yaiks! Does anybody know another way to store (many) pictures for free?


  1. A really great dress, I love the silver details! And if it´s comfy in addition, it´s perfect! :-)
    xx Katja

  2. Love the video! ahaha, The collar details is gorgeous and I love how comfy it is


  3. Your New Look maxi-dress does look comfortable and it contrasts nicely with the pretty red colour of your JBC cardigan. You must feel relief now that your exam is over. It appears that there is some delightfully pink clothing in the background of your GIF :)

    1. Cool that you noticed :D It is indeed a very pretty sweater!

  4. I love your long dress!!!^^
    looks so comfy ;)


  5. Die jurk is zowieso mijn favoriet!
    -xxx- eline


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