24 May 2013


A while ago a friend of me asked if I would cosplay, just an hypothetical question. And to be honest, I'd love it! I love dressing up, especially in themes, and why not a geeky theme for once? I started to think about characters, but I'm not into anime/games so it was quit hard actually. And it had to be someone I knew. Preferably a redhead, like my henna-dyed hair. Hmm. Any redheads in Lord of the Rings? Nope. Any redheads in Disney? Meredith from the movie Brave? Or perhaps Bloom from the series Winx? But then I knew it, Black Widow would be awesome! Black Widow (aka Scarlett Johansson), from The Avengers and Iron Man. And I had seen a great youtube make-up tutorial about Scarlett Johansson once, perfect! In all my enthusiasm I immediately had to try it.

Make-up master Promise Phan tells us how to do it:

My first try:
please ignore the messy room
What do you think, do I make a good Scarlett? Of course several things could be better (like the shape of the lips, eyes and brows), but it's a start!
versus normal, bare-faced me on the right.

It's always funny to see how things come over way more natural on picture. Those big lips didn't feel natural. Not at all. And trying to smile like her almost gave me cramps, my cheeks are still rehabilitating!
What I mainly did was emphasizing my cheeks in their round apple form, shaping my nose to a tip-tilted nose, and redrawing my lips twice or maybe thrice as thick. And adding the beauty mark off course!

By the way, here is another example of my silly shaping experiences in this post!

This is another perfect example of me, searching for excuses to do anything but studying! It's clearly exam period over here.


  1. i like the look on you i think its a good start
    xoxo angel
    xoxo angel
    enter my contest from oasap

  2. he 'k vind het best goed gelukt!

  3. awhh leuke post, en mooi gemake-upt :)


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