14 May 2013

Man repelling and ombre nails

 Exactement one week ago, I wore this rather man repelling outfit. Excuse my tired face but it was quit a tiresome day, with a lot of travelling (tram - train - bus - oops wrong bus! - other bus - bus back - train - tram). I'm barely (read: not) wearing any make up on regular days lately, so ignore the dark circles please!

blouse H&M, boyfriend jeans H&M, shoes Urban Outfitters (very old)

Later that day I decided to add a splash of colour on my nails. There was just one big problem. I couldn't decide which colour! Sometimes I know exactly which nail polish I want to wear but most of the time it's a tough decision. 
I noticed my current choices could be categorised in two shades: pinkish and green-blueish, well let's make an ombre then!
funfact: the cheapest one of all these brand, H&M, appeared to apply best! (forefinger on left hand)
And I'm deeply disappointed by the Essie nail polish, Essie has the reputation to be as good as O.P.I.


  1. Cool, I love how you did the ombre nails from nail to nail instead of on each nail! I have to say I didn't even think of that.


  2. great colours!!
    love the top)

    Angela Donava

  3. The varying shades of pink and blue-green go together beautifully. I love the look! I find it hard to believe that you would repel a man no matter what you were wearing.

  4. Wauw supermooie jeans! Echt leuke look dit :) je ombre nagels zijn ook echt geslaagd.

  5. uw Man Repeller outfit = geslaagd! staat u heel goed!
    xo Charlotte - Aliceroxy

  6. Da's een hele mooie outfit!

  7. hey, whats the size of the hm jeans u wearing? u have 27 or smaller ? i got the same one, but it just looks better on you, wondering if it can be the size x)

    1. Oh gosh, I want to answer your question but those pants are at a place where I won't be for two weeks! Certainly not smaller, but I'm guessing a 28, 29 or maybe even a 30... They're a little bit loose on my bum.


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