24 Aug 2013

The power of NEON

All hail to the power of neon!

I love a neon touch in a basic outfit. Especially when there are neutral colours involved like here.
"Aren't you a little bit too late?", you might think. As this neon trend is almost over. Well, I love trends, but I love it even more to apply them in my own style. What to do with that shoulder padded jacket and those coloured tights from a couple years ago, wear them of course !

 I was planning to wear a basic outfit too, but I couldn't find my black V-neck shirt, so my striped shirt had to do the trick. Dark blue, white, jeans, still quite basic I'd think. So mission accomplished!

shirt (old) H&M - boyfriend jeans H&M - neon nail polish American Apparel

My dad took my camera with him on vacation and lost the lens cap over there. Once home again, he immediately went to a photography store to buy a new one. Only this time he bought one with a cord.
I still don't know what to think about it. Look at it. Barely any difference with the pendulum of a cuckoo-clock. But I guess it will no longer get lost..


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