19 Aug 2013

Summer boughts and focus troubles

Oh nooo! Why do my outfit pictures always become blurry on screen?? Really annoying! Oh right, I do know why. My camera has difficulties with focussing lately, and I have to put the focus on manual.

Ok enough about the camera annoyances, here is today's outfit! And at the same time I show you a few boughts of last month. I had a very busy summer (hence the blog quietness) and was able to shop exactly one day. Yes, one day, during summer, during the sales period. But I did score this very cool and perfect linen tee at H&M. In reality it's a bit see-through actually. And the bargain of the year, this Vero Moda skirt for only 3 euros. Further I still love the blue rinestone earrings I bought at H&M last year, and my old sandals from New Look. Wow, entirely dressed in high street brands, that doesn't sound very original haha!

Oh and about the messy bun, I had just taken a nap actually! I'm in the middle of my resits now and was tired as hell. Of course my hair didn't look this way when I went to my exam today. But I like a nonchalance hair cut now and then, you might have noticed that al ready :)

Funny how the coat hook looks like an asymmetrical big earring! :)

tee H&M - skirt Vero Moda - earrings H&M - sandals New Look - blue nail polish HEMA


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