31 Jul 2013


I randomly came across this picture, and it inspired me for making a blogpost. Why? Because it unites three of my all time favourite designer bags! OK, not in the edition of my choice, but hey that orange Givenchy does look good!

Alix's black lacquer Bayswater (WANT!), brown Cookie Bayswater 
Hanneli's black Cookie, brown mini
Chiara's golden Bayswater
Louise's black Bayswater

The Mulberry Bayswater is a classic, popular amongst all ages, both young and old. I've mentioned him a (long) time ago in my all time favourite wishlist, which is still quite the same actually! It's a classic bag that stands above trends and will never be old-fashioned. And despite it's price of nearly 1000 euros (Hey, have you raised??), I think it might be worth the money. It's one of those life time investments, made by the best craftsmen, and ready to be with you for the rest of your life. 

My two favourite Candy bag ambassadors: Betty!
and Hella!
Ivania's python is actually the only 'special edition' I like.
Alix, taking the Candy bag kinda literally.

Furla's Candy bag, ahh I fell in love from the first minute I saw him. I'm still surprised about my love for this fella, normally I don't tend to fall for hand-or-elbow-held bags. While not wanting to offend anyone, I link this type of bag with bitchy people. (Hello prejudice!) But the Candy bag's quirky plastic material and vibrant colours didn't had this effect on me, and immediately made me drool. On the other hand because of it's flashy colours, not very practical shape and not to mention it's transparency, this bag can become quite a challenge. And I'm afraid it's not a timeless bag either. But, it is the cheapest of these all with a price about 150 to 200 euros!

 Chiara with a mini green croco and a mini black Antigona.
Denni's breathtaking cream Antigona that made me fall for these beauties. (WANT!)

The Givenchy Antigona will be for ever a dream I'm afraid. Since it's prices begin at 1400 euros, and that is just a tat too much for me. The design is sober, minimal, and that's just perfect. And because of it's large size it would be a perfect replacement for my overly-used bag, which is kinda falling apart at the moment. :( Any ideas for some kind of a knock-off? (Please no replicas, I'm not a big fan of those.)

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  1. ooh they're all gorgeous.. time to start saving I think.. although the Givenchy one is maybe a little too out of my price range!x

  2. Ik heb het meer voor de klassieke kleurtjes bij handtassen dus de Mulberry Bayswater en Givency Antigona zijn echt meer mijn ding! Wauw ik wist niet dat die eerste zo goed meeviel in prijs eigenlijk (toch voor een designer handtas)
    Nuja sparen :) waarschijnlijk wordt mijn designer bag een zwarte, klassiek en nooit mis ;)

    1. Idem hier! Mijn eerste designer wordt een klassieker, in een basic uitvoering. Perfect om nog jarenlang mee te gaan en bij elke outfit te matchen. :)

  3. Chiara does have some gorgeous things!



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