22 Jul 2013

He made my day

Crop tops, you've got to love them! They're not for the rather insecure type, even I hid behind a screen of confidence in the beginning of the day. But I must admit that I loved wearing this outfit! A flowy skirt with bare legs, and a little hint of a belly button. During the day I started to feel more and more confidential and it did show of! Here's a little anecdote of that day: I was walking to the station of Antwerp central when my eyes randomly crossed the eyes of a boy. He smiled at my direction, and I had to suppress the urge to look behind me, to look at whom he smiled. I looked back at him and he smiled even more to make clear it was me he was smiling at. And then he gave me an air kiss and a wink while crossing each other, haha! This all happened in just a few seconds but it made my day and I couldn't stop smiling afterwards! :)

skirt vintage, crop top New Look, boots Avance, glitter socks H&M, 
mint nail polish Gosh, wooden earrings Pimkie (old)

(These are pics from June, an outfit like this would be waaaaay too hot now!)


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