19 Jul 2013

Sneak peek: Celebrating the start of summer

I'm a bit behind with blogposts, sorry about that! Yours truly hasn't been home very often lately.
These pictures are from the last weekend of June. Ruby came two days to Ghent with me for the festival Copacobana. (Click here for last year's pics) We had the best time celebrating the start of summer vacation! More about that later, but here is a little sneak peek al ready. We prepared some photo shooting in my dorm room, and later I took Ruby and Katrijn to Julie's House, my 1 2 3rd time al ready! Love that place, and I'm sure Ruby also loves it now!

Look what my sweet boyfriend made for me! My name carved in wood, so awesome! He had been working on and hiding it for a whole month. I'm still impressed!

And here is the real sneak peek of the photoshoot. Stay tuned!


  1. Superleuke sneak peak post, ik hou wel van behind the scenes posts. Altijd interessant! Liefs, Anne


  2. Leuke foto's :) en drukke zomers zijn de beste :D je naam in hout is echt een geweldig cadeau!

  3. omnomnomnom julie's house taart mmmmmmm
    xo Charlotte - Aliceroxy


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