23 Jan 2014

Prince Charming

I've been enhancing my creative side a little lately and started drawing. It started with a few doodles of portraits and continued with thinking about creative gift ideas. That how I came up with the idea of sending my boyfriend greeting cards for his birthday that's coming up! A little bit humor never hurts, so I choose for a cliché prince charming. In Dutch there is the proverb: "He is my prince on a white horse." (Not sure it's a proverb in English too) So I decided to draw a prince on a white horse.

I wasn't feeling like drawing a proper face or hand, shhh, nobody notices!
The result! (above)

A quick sketch to try out the colours first. At the moment I'm writing this I'm still doubting if I should choose this one to send! I kinda like the goofy shape of the horse.

The first sketch. The horse kinda failed, but it's still handy to try out the colours.
Funfact: I used prince Charming from Snow White as a model here!

And a little doodle of the boyfriend while studying. I didn't had a picture with me so I drew it out of memory. And I must say I'm quite pleased with the result, it looks a little bit like him! Or otherwise it's just wishful thinking, that's possible too..


  1. wow .. goed zeg. In september ga ik ook opnieuw tekenen bij de tekenschool .. heb er zin in, zeker na het zien van deze foto's ..


    1. Dankjewel! En veel succes gewenst, het is echt leuk om te doen!

  2. amai Siel! Das keiii goed :D uit u kop getekend. Da paard is echt machtig :D

    1. hehe thanks Ru! en het paard was niet uit het hoofd hoor ;)

  3. Wat een leuke tekeningetjes. Lief idee je vriend als prince charming te tekenen. :) xx

  4. So beautiful pictures!
    I'm in love that prince. haha



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