4 Feb 2014

Marble rainbow cupcakes

Last week I went to a friend for a good old girlsnight. Ahh don't you love girlsnights/sleepovers?
We decided to make cupcakes. And because there were several decoration options to play with, we choose to make rainbow cupcakes!

Mixing the dough and adding some chocolate chips.

They turned out looking moldy. I loved it haha. Great idea for a theme party or something! Oh and if you use red pigment they will look like meatloaf, pretty gross too haha!

Tadaa, the result!

Lynn made a "Siel" for me and I made an "L" for her.
Enjoyed together with a bottle of Martini Rosato, a romantic movie and a bag of chips for later. Yum!

Marble rainbow!
And the very best thing, they tasted heavenly.


  1. Those cupcakes look yummy in addition to being great art! They're so much fun to look at that I'd almost hate to eat one - but they also look just too yummy to resist. You looked great. I love that yellow knit fashion piece you're wearing. Your girls-night sleep-over looks like it was very enjoyable.


  2. They look soooo tasty. And they look like making them was loads of fun!!!!


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