6 Feb 2014

The red dress

There is one big reason I why I regret dying my hair.

Don't take me wrong, I love my henna colour, and got several compliments about it. (Seriously at least once a month! O.o) But a red dress will never look as good on me as on a brunette or blonde person.
Such a shame, because I believe every woman should have a red dress in her closet. It gives an instant boost of self-confidence, sexiness and it will draw attention. A few years ago I wrote about the red-rag-to-a-bull-effect, and still think that's true.
But I also understand if you're not in the mood for a red dress, you can't wear it daily. It has to feel a bit special, so wear it on precious occasions. My favourite way to wear a red dress is in summer with bare legs and some tinkling bracelets while going for a stroll on a little market or beach. But since there is another great occasion coming up: Valentine's Day, I'll show you some killer red dresses!

(click on the pictures for the sources)


  1. Ik vind een rode jurk heel mooi, en zeker bij donker haar :)

  2. You are very very pretty, and while a few of the dresses shown might not be lovely enough to distract one from wanting to see how the colour of your outfit goes with your hair (I suspect it would coordinate beautifully), most of these red dresses are just so stunning that the colour coordination wouldn't matter. I love the puffy sleeves and feminine ruffles of the dress in the first photo, the styling of the dress in the sixth (with the beret), the flowing crepe look of the dress in the seventh, the flare of the dress modeled on the railroad tracks, the dress photographed while frolicking out in the snow, (in fact all three red dresses in the photos from thecherryblossomgirl.com, are very pretty) and the red peplum dress (third from last). Most all of these dresses would be perfect for Valentine's Day! They're lovely.


  3. Mooie inspiratie! Die bij het water vind ik echt heel mooi. Prachtig met zo'n bloemetjeskrans erbij in het haar!

  4. Wauw echt leuke dresses! Heb al lentekriebels... (dat komt ook wel door het huidige weer ;-) haha)
    x www.yourddofme.be

  5. Mooie inspiratie foto's! Ah ik ken het probleem, toen ik 16 was had mijn kapper perongeluk rood aan de bruine haartint toegevoegd en echt de helft van mijn kleren vond ik ineens veel minder bij mij staan door de nieuwe haarkleur. Maar ik denk wel dat rood nog altijd staat bij rode haren :) vooral bij fel rood


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