26 Feb 2014

Randomized birthday week

A moment ago I was enjoying the last of my seafood chocolates, my favourite type of pralines!
(Sorry for making you hungry.)

I've got them for my 21st birthday last Sunday, from my sweet boyfriend.

Unfortunately it resulted way too soon in this. Sad face.

Another birthday gift was a polaroid camera! I have to thank my friends this time for this truly awesome gift. First selfie: Check.

On Monday I went buying some presents for some others, and I stumbled on a large blanket scarfThat's my word for a huge scarf, it has similarities with a blanket in my opinion. I found this one at the Pieces store, and on sale!

Just love this colour combination. Difference in colours, patterns and texture, and still a neutral entity.

The series I'm watching at the moment. Unfortunately the dvd-drive of my laptop isn't responding anymore, so I have to get that fixed first. Hopefully it won't be too expensive. Sad face again.

Making a still life for school. Kinda surrealistic.

And this is my interpretation of the still life. Still working on it. And just for the record, it was a different plate and bowl in the lower version!


  1. Happy birthday nog eens :) die zeevruchten chocola is echt mijn favoriet ook! Altijd veel te snel op :D en zo leuk een polaroid camera!

  2. Belatedly, Happy 21st Birthday! The seafood shaped praline chocolates look like little culinary masterpieces. The first selfie you took with your new polaroid camera came out beautifully. I like the still life artwork you did. You're very talented.



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