12 Feb 2014


Yup, definitely going to wear bright red lips more often!

But that being said, with Valentine's day coming up Brilliant Earth asked me to describe my interpretation of the word love. Not as easy as I thought apparently, it kept me busy for days! I'm not sure about my opinion yet, it is an interesting subject to philosophy about in the future, but this is what I've got to say about love for now.

We use the word 'love' so often. We fall in love with shoes, with the newest Proenza Schoeler handbag. But do we actually love those Prada pumps? Are you in love with your Dior blush? Of course not.
Maybe we are overusing the expression 'to love something' a little too much. Lately it seems like we have forgotten what 'to love' really means. It means caring about a person, missing them when they are away. I haven't figured out yet if it means the same as true love, were people in the movies always seems to be obsessed by. But it sure is something to desire and cherish.

Zara dress, Urban Outfitters tights
Wishing you all the best in love and a great Valentine!
Stay tuned for another V-day's post coming soon.


  1. I love the look of that Zara floral print dress and your Urban Outfitters heart print tights. Your dark skirt and peach coloured top combine for a very pretty outfit as well.


  2. Goeie kritische blik Siel :) Leuk om te lezen ^^ Ik denk niet dat 'de' ware liefde bestaat, maar dat je wel heel veel van iemand kunt houden

    1. Dankje :) In wat jij zegt zit ook wel wat in! Ach ja we zullen nooit zeker weten wat het betekent zeker?

  3. This is really pretty. I love the white dress with the pink flowers. Very cute!

  4. Dat Zara jurkje is echt super leuk! Ik denk ook dat we alledaags het woord 'love' te veel gebruiken maar ik geloof wel als je het over een persoon hebt dat het veel meer betekent dan de oppervlakkige betekenis zoals een van een lippenstift houden :p


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