5 May 2014

Shoplogs and letters

Rusty orange colored suede perfecto from Lola & Liza
and it's on sale, hooray!

Ivory cardigan from Bel & Bo 
(It was actually my first time entering that store, and I must admit, I too am surprised to have bought something )

Minimalistic earrings from H&M
Ding ding, there is a new favourite amongst the jewellery collection!

Hi there, dear readers of my blog!
Finally I can present you the shoplog I promised in my previous post. It's the result of some short shopping trips last Holiday, two weeks ago. The two following weeks I was -excuse my language- working my ass of for school assignments and internships. In all those years I'm going to school, I've never worked so hard for school for such a period. Ahh, I'ld happily delete that from the list now.

Lately I'm more and more into writing letters, one of my boyfriends birthday gifts came out really useful: a lovely writing set! And because this is a blog, and therefore it's the perfect place to show off a little, I wanted to give you a little peek. Note that the drawing was just redrawn this time, no credits for the design.

Further I wish you all a relaxing week like mine!



  1. looks very good i love this kind of pictures! lots of love, x

  2. Dat roestkleurige jasje is echt prachtig! Wat leuk trouwens om ook een Belgische blog tegen te komen :D Gebeurt niet vaak!


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