25 Jan 2011

Great Commercials

There are some amazing commercials in television here lately that I'd like to show you.
I couldn't find them all on youtube so here are just a few.

The Axe angels
Breathtaking isn't it?

Lipton Tea party
I couldn't find anything about this commercial (probably cause it's quit new).
So this is another cool one.

Belgacom TV
It became a classic here, with famous quotes like "Who took my badjas" and "No koffiekoeken for you"
(a badjas is a bathrobe and koffiekoeken are some kind of pastries)

I stole this glamoures one from our northern neighbours. I adore it. It let me hear Caro Emerald's music for the first time, and since then I'm fond of her!

I hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Hihi, ik vind die reclame van de golf helemaal geweldig. Met dat omatje.:P hahaha.
    Liefs, xxx

  2. Wat een leuk idee om een artikel over commercials te plaatsen:D I love it!

  3. Sommige reclames zijn zo leuk he xD

  4. the first one we also have it here in portugal. the second one is fabulous!!!I wish I was thereeee omg looks like a GREAT party kissy kiss *


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