27 Jan 2011

Think Twice Photo Shoot

First of all, thanks to Lady Mitroz for calling us one of her favourite blogs!

A few months ago Ruby and I where asked to model for a store. We know someone who studies photography and works there, and our previous photo shoot was also with her. Unfortunately we get the date just a week before and Ruby had to work that day. And that's why her twin sis stand in for her. You can see her pictures here.
I know I'm kinda late with showing the pictures but I've got them that late!

Doing the hair

Checking the make-up in the light.

If you'd like to see the pictures and you're going to Antwerp, check the Think Twice shop near the Meir, at the Dexia bank ;)
They've showed them in other Think Twice shops but I believe they're gone already.

And by the way, it's a vintage shop so if you don't like the 8O's you'll still gonna find some other nice things!
Click here for the rest of the shoot.


  1. What beautiful colours both in your makeup and the Think Twice clothing you're. Even though it's still a cold winter here the colours make me think of Spring (my favourite season).

  2. Onwijs leuk en kleurrijk. Heel leuk gedaan.
    Liefs, xxx

  3. you look amazing! and it must of been a lot of fun to do too :) x

  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaaah I want that jacket babe!!!! that must be a GREAT store!! Lucky girls! *beijos!

  5. Helloo:)

    Sorry for answering so late, but I reconized your comments a few minutes ago^^

    I didn't had the possibility to travel along Europe for the last time, but soon i definetely have to! I would like to see Rome and Florence, because since I started with university I know there's so much to see!

    The shoot and the looks are so pretty! and the80ies look is quite amazing, the make-up is perfect. it was also last week I saw some old pictures of my mom with her 90ies look and the "extreme make-up":) i agree this might be so fun!

    By the way: I didn't knew that Ruby has a twin:D I'm so suprised:)

  6. ik ga elke zomervakantie naar tunesie, me vader komt er vandaan ;-) de foto's waren ook van afgelopen zomer. X

  7. cool! i started with roman languages (french&spanish) and art history this year.. next week i have my first exams;)

  8. thank you so much, gorgeous! I love these shots. xx

  9. you look beautiful! :D
    If you like, check out my Guess Giveaway
    Anyways, Love you blog.


  10. You're really working that look! Awesome shots. ;)

  11. Nice :) ik kom vaak in de T2, maar eigenlijk bijna nooit aan die op de Meir.. Zal er maandag misschien toch eens langs lopen!


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