28 Feb 2011

Life is a party

Short version of the past days :)
I had to search all around to find some pictures (I didn't bring my camera with me)

bowling with class
later I went on restaurant for my birthday


in the bus to a fair about study directions (sid-in beurs)
crazy Ruby, as we know her xD

pre-drinking at a friend,
later big party in a café near,
and after that we slept in the tent where our party was going to be the next the day

Friday (honderd dagen: cowboys en indianen)
that's me :)
Quit boring day, we had to wait a loooot and we where very tired of the previous day

more hilarous pictures of this day will follow later I guess ^^

and at the end there was a biiiiig party! Whe've been partying till the late hours :D
Except for Ruby, who became ill :( We mist you darling!

And now she's still sick, get well soon!


  1. BOWLEN <3
    Wat leuk.
    Liefs, xxx

  2. eheheheh looks fun!!!!! :) love ruby faces to the camera!

    kisses babes

  3. thank you sooo much Siel!!!
    I'm coming to school tomorrow better, or not XD
    I miss you all too!
    We also have to arrange a date when we take pictures for the 'well in your wellies" on hypeed, I have wonderful inspiration!

    Loves, Ruby

  4. datum? XD da bedoelde ik met date. Het gaat wel beter, maar kheb geen zin om nog veel langer thuis te zitte.
    Ik ga u de foto's is doorsturen, of mag ik ze op den blog zetten, ze zijn prachtig.
    Op hypeed, is zo'n contribution van die wellies, en met de foto's die ik heb, gaan die wellies van jou nog wel van pas komen :D


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